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Quinny live & Piano Show Off

Quinny live & Piano Show Off

Quinny 4pm-5pm

Quinny is a Scottish songwriter. Following the success of 2013’s ‘Read All the Rumours’ and 2018’s ‘Seasons Greetings from the Grotty Grotto’, Quinny returned with more music and moans for this 2019's festive season. This year, he might try something different, but probably not.

Piano Show Off - 6:30pm onwards

Piano Show Off is a wonderful slice of musical theatre. It is a place where anyone who loves musical theatre can listen to songs from shows new and old - and where anyone who wants to can get up and perform. Participants can (and often do) include enthusiastic musical theatre lovers, students, retirees, West End professionals and many more.

Tickets £7.00 plus booking fee*

​*A booking fee is charged by a third-party site 'Universe'. They allow us to be able to offer tickets online securely. We receive no booking fees. ​

“Through Quinny's innovative use of true-to-life words, relatable themes and combination of rock and poppy styles, Quinny proves his significance as a songwriter” - The Glasgow Guardian

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