April 25, 2021



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The Widgeon floats fancy when you turn your device around 90º degrees.

Aliji returns to Widgeon Airwaves with a new 2 hour monthly show or of tantalising ambient downtempo lushness for you Sunday pleasure

Aliji DJ Profile  

The 90s’s Goa trance scene was the catalyst that  catapulted Ali’s passion and affinity for psychedelic  music and culture into proaction, becoming a DJ and event organiser, mingling and mangling with all the top movers and shakers both onstage and  backstage.

Since then, Aliji has become a stalwart of the UK  festival scene, involved in production as well as  DJing at top UK electronic music events and stages  including Glade, Noisily, Boomtown and  Glastonbury; and further afield on the international  circuit at Boom, Ozora, Mo:dem, Sonica, Hadra,  Electric Picnic and the mighty Universo Parallelo in  Brazil. He notoriously ran the magical and now  legendary party nights at London’s Inspiral Lounge, which kept the festie embers glowing brightly for  friends and family through those otherwise long  and empty winter nights. In 2018, he released a  compilation with Iboga Records, “Timeless Gems  from the Vaults and The Fields”.

Heartfelt, infectious techno beats and sumptuous,  eclectic electronica are his preferred mediums,  exploring the healing properties of sound by ripping up dancefloors or soothing souls through a blissful  sunrise. Intelligent, tasteful tunage, loaded with  surprise sparklers and slowburning sizzlers,  penetrating beauty gift-wrapped in a psychedelic  package and delivered directly to your dopamine  receptors.