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Christopher Street Liberation Day, the first Gay Pride march, in New York City on 28 June 1970. Photograph: Fred W McDarrah/Getty

It's a Sin - LGBT Special

Various Genres


February 14, 2021

music documentary

This is a musical documentary. It is not a usual playlist of LGBT+ artists however. Many of these artists may not be recognised as non-heterosexual. Many had to hide their sexuality through fear of persecution and often, violence. Many also battled with their own demons. This is a tribute to all those remarkable musicians who have struggled with their sexuality and homophobic attitudes they've had to tolerate and unfortunately continue to do so. It's remarkable that Stonewall riots happened in June/July back in '69. It's now the 20's and this couldn't be more appropriate time to celebrate difference, equality, love and understanding - onwards and upwards.

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