The Narrowboat

"​On The Bill  At Widgeon"

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  1. "The Homosexuals"
21st July Hackney Wick
    "The Homosexuals" 21st July Hackney Wick
    Prolific in the 70's famous for his Punk style and original songwriting, Bruno Wizard a magician with words is back on stage to entertain you.
  2. Samantha Love -  
21st July Hackney Wick
    Samantha Love - 21st July Hackney Wick
    21st July Punk Night AKA Gypsy Love, Known for her Cabaret shows as well as being on vocals with bands including Alabahama 3. We will also her hear Be Spoken Words. Hackney Wick E9 Oppsite Bar 90
  3. Join us for Tiller Flat
22nd July  - Hackney Wick
    Join us for Tiller Flat 22nd July - Hackney Wick
    A Sunday afternoon of fantastic known known and emerging singers, bands, songwriters, of contemporary, traditional and good Folk music. Hosted by Woody Truman 111 inviting Kung Fu vicars, Noble Rot, Mat Milton & Mock Deer to the stage.
  1.  Assorted Oddities Puppetry Company & The Little Angel Company
    Assorted Oddities Puppetry Company & The Little Angel Company
    ''Imagine you wake up in the morning to discover you have no nose. Just a blank space in the middle of your face. Imagine your nose embarks on a journey to find it’s destiny. Where is your nose going? Will it ever come back? based on a Russian story by Nikolai Gogol 17th June 2 shows 12pm & 2pm At Angel & Islington Towpath
  2. Viviana Zarbo
    Viviana Zarbo
    Charming and strong, a velvety voice with a true passion for the storytelling, her musical background enriches and enhances her naturally multifaceted jazz vibe: London based Italian singer Viviana Zarbo to present some of her favourite music with the brilliant Trio, Renato Chicco on piano and Renato D'Aiello on saxophone. 27th May from 3.30pm at Victoria Park
  3. Mock Deer
22nd July
    Mock Deer 22nd July
    “Everything hangs on the voice .. And what a voice it is!” – Real Gone As well as writing original music for theatre and television he has released two EPs, 'Cold and Bright' and more recently 'How We Used to Live' released in July 2015. His renewed involvement in the live music scene has seen him play shows supporting great acts such as The Burning Hell (Can), The Migrant (DK), Sam Brookes (UK) and Kristin McClement (UK) as well as appearing at several UK festivals, including Festival N6, Wilderness Festival, Ramsbottom Festival, The End & Uncivilization Festival He is currently recording an album with producer Scott Fitzgerald and collaborating with many friends he's met on the way, The Album promises to be something special and will hopefully be finished by the end of the year. Between the recording schedule he'll be playing shows and festivals in the Uk/Europe throughout the year.
  1. "The No Frills Folk Band"
2nd September
    "The No Frills Folk Band" 2nd September
    Another chance to come and enjoy Johnny Be's fantastic full band on the MainStage at the Angel Canal Festival 2nd September Angel and Islington City Basin
  2. "Joel Sanders"  
Comedy 'The Angry Boater'
16th July by Packet Marina
    "Joel Sanders" Comedy 'The Angry Boater' 16th July by Packet Marina
    Joel Sanders bought a narrowboat and moved in. Frozen water pipes, exploding toilet tanks he was living the dream. . It was irresponsible, spontaneous , against the odds,…Russell Brand. ‘Angry Boater’ is a glorious adventure full of twists, turns & big laughs from a comedian who spent a decade working across the USA, 16th June - Packet Marina
  3. Michele of The Magic Puppet Show
    Michele of The Magic Puppet Show
    MAGIC BOOK THEATRE is a London based theatre company performing popular and funny two-person puppet shows specialising in simple low-tech puppetry often using everyday objects that “come alive” and combine inventive storytelling with live music, participation and shadow puppetry.
  4. The Homosexuals
    The Homosexuals

'Up Next' --Punk Funk and Folk .Live Music in
Hackney Wick plus more  !

  • I ( Mj Morgan) have come from nearly 30 years of working in Film and Televion as a Producer and line Producer.  Having worked with many prolific acts which have given me the skills and experience to take this opportunity to create a platform hosting emerging talent, new creativity for all ages and genres. As well as offering to intimate audiences the chance to see some known and celebrated music, faces and Art.

  • Widgeon has given me the chance to give back to the people the chance to challenge themselves and see what medium of creativity makes them happy.  Performing on an oustide small stage taking you back to the grass roots of street and outside fringe theatre. 

  • If you wish to book a show or workshop please go to the home page or contact page. 

  • if you have any questions in regards to upcoming events or how to get invovled please email or call. 

  • We are just starting our maiden voyage as the Theatre Narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal moving southwards.

  • We feel that by creating in an intimate space on the water for creativity  it gives  people the chance to participate and build up slowly to what area of entertainment they wish to explore. 
  • We welcome ideas and suggestions along the way. ​
The Widgeon Theatreboat will be hosting it's next event in Hackney Wick

Nearest Station is HacKney WicK

Come and Enjoy soMe Live Music and Dance on the Grassy bans

Artists include "The Homosexuals" Starring Bruno Wizard on Vocals.. A very prolific PUnk orginator, singer songwriter..

Also presenting the beginings of our Be-Spoken Word!!

presenting Samanatha Love with the Guitarist from Copper Feel.. Iain  ..

We have a fabulous line up of artists for the Sunday
Tiller Flat including
Noble Rot
Kung Fu Vicars
Matt Milton
Woody Truman 111
and Mock Deer