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Meet the Captain 'MJ'

So here it is, The Widgeon - a historic 82 year old Narrowboat turned into a bespoke theatrical venue.

About The Widgeon

It's like the circus has come to town!


There's an incredible festival, circus, theatrical intimate feel with a full bar and snacks. Full of great entertainment, in great locations with great people.

If you're local or in the area you may not be accustomed to having fantastic theatre, music, puppet shows, workshops, comedy and art brought to the waterways? So why not take yourself, family, friends and the kids down to the river to rock the boat.

The Widgeon hosts up to 35 guests inside with a modest stage. The outdoor stage occupies the whole front of the boat allowing performers to entertain a larger audience on the bank side.

Our stage can be open with the audience on the bank side as well as the interior stage.

We're really flexible with the only limitation being your imagination and budget.

*We offer so many types of hiring options so get in contact to discuss your needs and we will sort out a fantastic package for you.

Whether the weather is brisk or balmy, the Widgeon offers great comfort.

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All events held on The Widgeon are on the riverbank. This means both the boat itself and the bankside it's moored to can showcase events, allowing all sorts of comfortable configurations.

If you have any particular needs or just want to enquire further, send us a message and we'll get right on it.

"What a brilliant, unique venue, intimate, passionate and rocking. Well worth finding this 71ft long historic vessel and having a totally immersive time"
Sarah Lovett
"Brilliant atmosphere, quirky events, lovely staff. you will have a fine and original outing to the Widgeon Theatre Boat." ☆☆☆☆☆
Frank Cutter
"AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!! Atmospheric unique canal boat to enjoy theatre, music and all the amazing events"
Penelope Cooke
"A fantastic and unique space. Hope to attend more events there."
Kerstin Exner
"Great venue -
cozy, intriguing, inspiring!"
Raven Kaliana
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