Widgeon Theatre Boat

An 83+ year old theatrical narrowboat and radio station, moored across various UK waterways.

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The Widgeon Theatre Boat


Widgeon Theatre Boat is rocking the waterways with a 24 hour mix of chat, music, specialist shows and then some. Find something that really floats your boat.



Various Genres

It's a Sin - LGBT Special

This is a musical documentary. It is not a usual playlist of LGBT+ artists however. Many of these artists may not be recognised as non-heterosexual. Many had to hide their sexuality through fear of persecution and often, violence. Many also battled with their own demons. This is a tribute to all those remarkable musicians who have struggled with their sexuality and homophobic attitudes they've had to tolerate and unfortunately continue to do so. It's remarkable that Stonewall riots happened in June/July back in '69. It's now the 20's and this couldn't be more appropriate time to celebrate difference, equality, love and understanding - onwards and upwards.

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Yacht Rock - Sounds of 70s & 80s Americana

Originally known as the 'West Coast' sound, this is a 70s-80s soft-rock special where vaselined camera lenses, jumpers tucked in jeans, the 'Malboro Man' and wind in your hair while cruising the waves of Eastbourne (or California if you were from across the pond) reigned supreme. Join us for a 3 hour special, perfect summer day listening. Vangelis, Lani Hall, Hall and Oates, Seals & Croft, Stealers Wheel....

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Windrush Generation, celebrating the sound of Mento

What is Mento? It's a style of Jamaican folk music predating reggae and ska peaking in popularity in the '40s and '50s from the Caribbean. We explore the musical landscape of the Windrush generation, with the sounds of Mento, Calypso, a dash of Joropo and anything in-between.

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OUR shows

Techno / Electro
Psy-Boutique Sessions

Psy-Boutique Sessions

In our Psy Boutique sessions will be introducing you to three International artists each first Friday of every month. In celebration of Independent Womans Day, we introduce you to three Female Dj Artists, Opening the evening is Dj Asia with her smooth tech house techno melodic vibes. Introducing Bahar Canca with Ebru Al taking you into the night with her hypnotic techno vibes.

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Electronica / Ambient
Planet Bob's Chai Emporium presents

Odo the Purple Wizard

Each Week Planet Bob's emporium will be presenting both emerging and established artists for you to enjoy

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Folk & Independent Musicians

Folk Saturday

This Weekend in celebration of Independent Woman's day we present to you 5 amazing female Folk artists all known & prolific in their field.

Julie McCambridge with her new album "Making Amazing Shapes" the uncanny voice is a force of nature. Not so much the leaf-cutter ants and acorn weevils bit of nature. The big stuff. Lions. Wild boar.  A powerful and innovative singer-songwriter.
Iona MacDonald, Maggie Swampwino & Lucy Lyrical with wicked songs sweetly delivered, pure-hearted protest singers, catchy little ditties, A sister act with a difference – After Maggie Swampwino left this mortal coil, Lucy Lyrical continues to perform alone. Jo Maultby a singer songwriter whose believe is to 'Do what you love'

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Mj Morgan

Sounds Through The Doorway

Sounds take you on a journey.. our weekly wake up of soundscapes from around the world. This week Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff’s output as "Goldmund" a composer of minimal piano-based ambient music alongside peers like Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran, and even Ryuichi Sakamoto, His recordings tread sincerely along paths laden with dusty timbres, diffuse synthesizer, and soaring string textures. "On The Time it Takes", Goldmund’s newest book of aural polaroids, Kenniff manages to deepen the emotionality of his already affecting project, creating a space in which to unfold the sorrows of a troubling age and revel in the hope and beauty that follow thereafter.

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Electronica / Ambient
Sean Spindrift

Planet Bob's Chai Emporium

Spindrift's regular Sunday chill out session - smooth ambient and electronic sounds to soothe and groove your day.

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Techno / Electro
Wobbly Records

Seashoe pres Wobbly Sessions

Techno / Electro
Wobbly Records

Fat Mandy pres Wobbly Sessions

Deep rolling prog techno minimal acid breaks.

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Techno / Electro
Wobbly Records

Tom Llama pres Wobbly Sessions

Tom Llama - techno acid minimal 95bpm - 134 - 120.

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Electronica / Ambient

Come Down Dawn (Full Chapter)

The KLF​ have shared ‘Come Down Dawn’, a new album which sees the influential electronic duo putting a new spin on their 1990 album ‘Chill Out’.

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Kraut Psyche Rock Dub
Andrew Weatherall

Fail We May, Sail We Must

This is the final show by one of the most important figures in underground dance music ..RIP.

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Love Music
Mj Morgan

Vintage Valentines

A special one off morning show to ease you into todays celebration of Love. Love is all we need, to give to receive. We hope you enjoy & dance in the kitchen to our breakfast Vintage Valentine show.

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Ambient Electronica

Dhuann from a Bengali

Antidote is the chilled tech house side project Calcutta based artist Urvashi Bhattacharya. Keeping the sounds light and breezy but always backing it up with the big bass and beat - the Antidote journey is both delicate but also packs a big punch.

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Psychedelic Chilled

Chill Your Psyche

Turkish born London based psychedelic DJ Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism blesses us with chilled grooves and global beats. Ozzy is also the founder of a psychedelic events community called Crystal Kids.

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Dub Reggae
Irie M & Kings Kin


Another gift from Jamaica to the world, dub - augmented with a combination of effects characteristic of the dub genre: echo, reverb, vocal samples etc. Irie M & Kings Kin brings you their own styleee - let the Uprizing begin.

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Chill Out

Astral Circus

Małpka was born and raised in Africa and classically trained at the age of 7. She left her home in Zimbabwe in 2000 to explore other arenas. Time spent in Australia and South Africa led to an evolution in her appreciation of big band jazz and bouncing brass to crazy psychedelic trance and dusty stomping grounds. Her love for the emerging electronic genres saw her moving to the UK in 2006 for a more complete musical immersion. After reaching saturation point on almost every dance floor imaginable, and it didn't take long; 'Mudstompin Munkee' was born, which would later evolve to the alias Małpka. 

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Electronica Ambient
Robin Triskele

LSD 2020 That's a Wrap

Liquid Sound Design label manager Robin Triskele shares her latest mix highlighting the labels 2020 releases. As always you can expect a funk-driven, quirky approach as she moves you seamlessly through ambient, dub, chillout, psydub, techno and other varieties of downtempo electronica. Hear LSD artists Youth & Gaudi, Robert Elster (Vibrasphere), The Orb, Kuba, Backstage Gurus, DF Tram as well as exclusive remixes with System 7, Gus Till, Supercozi, David Harrow & more!
Certainly no stranger to global dance floors having shared her music in over 20 countries, whether DJing or performing as Synergy Dub (w/ techno maestro Gabriel Le Mar/Saafi Brothers) her passion for music shows as she spreads her positive, infectious vibe all the while feeding you the tastiest electronica on offer.

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Ambient Nature

Sounds through the Porthole

This is a journey into sound, or possibly... as sound journey. Either way, it's a perfect start to Sunday.

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Electronica Ambient

Sunday Psychedelic Grooves

Amaluna is the collaborative project of New Zealand-born Tara Hawes aka FlibbertiGibbet and Zimbabwean-born Wendy Whitehead aka Małpka. A multi-genre duo with an interest in the experimental evolution of music, they break the boundaries with eclectic and often unreleased tracks to drive the dance floor to new levels. Signed to Jay OM’s London-based label Free-Spirit Records, in December 2019 they released their eclectic ‘Lunar Phase’ compilation, playing launch party sets in London and Bristol in 2020. With sets confirmed in 2021 for the Tribal Village Three Day Outdoors, Psy-Boutique 2021, Anthropos Festival 12021 and the PSYMERA Summer Boat Party 2021, the best is still to come for this forward-thinking pair.

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Electronic Psych

Ozora Chill Out Mix

Heartfelt, infectious techno beats and sumptuous, eclectic electronica are his preferred mediums, exploring the healing properties of sound by ripping up dancefloors or soothing souls through a blissful sunrise. Intelligent, tasteful tunage, loaded with surprise sparklers and slowburning sizzlers, penetrating beauty gift-wrapped in a psychedelic package and delivered directly to your dopamine receptors.

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Bass & Grooves

The Freaks Bazaar

Since 1994 Addsimeon has been playing music as a Professional DJ across Europe at festivals, clubs and in the fields. After experimenting through many genres over the years you can hear the influences of his musical youth in his DJ Sets. The first ingredient in his sets is Bass.... Big, Fat Bass! Equally at home playing Chunky Progressive Psy or Grooving on the 'other stage' while playing a journey selection of Downtempo Electronic through ti World beats and Gypsy Skankers to Upbeat Dancy Dub Belters all woven together to create the right vibe at the right time. One thing you can be sure of - there's always a big chunk of bass and a smiley face!

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Moored on the banks of waterways at various locations throughout the UK, it’s like the circus coming to town.

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Whether the weather is brisk or balmy, the Widgeon offers great comfort.

All events held on The Widgeon are on the riverbank. This means both the boat itself and the bankside it's moored to can showcase events, allowing all sorts of comfortable configurations.

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